The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) regulate the mutual contractual relationship between REZIDENCE ZÁMEČEK (hereinafter also referred to as the hotel), which is operated by FIRST LUXURY SPA s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the provider or the company) and the client - a natural or legal person who orders accommodation in the hotel as a customer (hereinafter referred to as the customer).

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the contracts, including the standardized contracts of the company and the provisions of the GTC, the provisions of these contracts shall prevail over the provisions of the GTC.

The GTC shall become part of the pre-contractual arrangements at the time of commencement of such negotiations between the provider and the client and part of the contracts at the time of their conclusion.

Article I.

Pre-contractual arrangements

1. Pre-contractual arrangements include the ordering of services, the negotiation of their terms and conditions and the confirmation of the final order by the provider.

2. Orders for services must be made in writing and must make it clear who is making them and what their subject matter is (type of services, terms, prices, etc.). Orders must be sent to the relevant department of the company, i.e. the Sales and Reservations Department or the director of the establishment.

3. By signing the order or confirming the email, the provider agrees to provide the ordered services within the agreed scope and the contract is concluded at this moment.

4. If additional services are ordered by the customer or his/her designee/representative, both the provider and the customer are obliged to proceed in accordance with this article. The Provider undertakes to make every effort to provide the additional services requested, but does not guarantee their provision.

Article II.

Obligations of the Parties

1. Upon conclusion of the contract, the Provider shall be obliged to provide the Client with the services specified in the contract and the Client shall be obliged to take over the services and pay the agreed price to the Company for the provision of the services.

Article III

Commencement of accommodation

1. Upon check-in, each guest shall present his/her ID card or other identity document at the hotel reception. After fulfilling the above-mentioned legal obligations, including the completion of the registration card (record for the foreign police), the reception will check the guest in and provide him/her with further information about the accommodation.

2.  An integral part of these General Terms and Conditions is the Accommodation Regulations.

Article IV

Payment terms

1. If the Provider requires an advance payment for the services ordered, the Client is obliged to pay the advance payment to the Company in the amount and by the due date specified in the contract; payment of the advance payment means crediting the relevant amount to the Provider's bank account, unless otherwise agreed. If the deposit is not duly paid by the Client, the Provider reserves the right to cancel the agreed reservation and to charge the Client the corresponding cancellation fees according to Article V of these GTC.

2.    The Client is obliged to pay the agreed price for the accommodation. The Customer undertakes to pay the tax document (invoice) in cash at the end of the accommodation or within the due date specified therein; unless otherwise agreed, the due date is 1 day from the date of issue. Any irregularities in the tax invoice must be complained about in writing by the customer within 5 calendar days of receipt. In the event that the Provider accepts that the complaint of the tax document (invoice) is justified, the due date of the tax document (invoice) in question shall be postponed and the amount stated in the complained tax document (invoice) shall be due within the due date stated in the newly issued tax document (invoice). A complained tax document (invoice) for which the provider finds the complaint to be unjustified, the amount in question shall be payable on the due date indicated on the complained tax document (invoice).

3.    The payment is deemed to have been paid when it is credited to the Provider's bank account indicated on the tax document (invoice), unless otherwise agreed.

4.    In the event of the Client's delay in making payment for the services provided, the Provider shall be entitled to demand from the Client, in addition to payment of the amount due, interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 0.5% of the amount due for each day of delay commencing on the first day following the due date of the tax document (invoice) until payment.

5.    The Provider reserves the right to use any payment made by the Customer to settle its oldest overdue claim(s) against the Customer. The Provider shall be entitled to use the blocked funds to pay all outstanding amounts incurred during the stay and after the departure of the Guest (e.g. drinks from the minibar, consumption in the restaurant, café, violation of the smoking ban, etc.)

6.    According to the Sales Records Act, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, he is obliged to register the received sales with the tax administrator online, and in case of technical failure within 48 hours at the latest.

Article V.

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation always means cancellation, postponement or modification of a confirmed order.

2. Cancellation must be made by the customer in writing to the person with whom the terms of the contract were negotiated and, if not, to the director of the establishment.

3. If the Customer cancels the services ordered and confirmed, he/she is obliged to pay cancellation fees to the Provider according to the price conditions of the reservation; the cancellation fees will be calculated from the price for the cancelled services incl. VAT, as follows:

For individual bookings

Up to 4 days before the expected arrival free of charge

3-2 days before expected arrival 100% of the first night's price

1-0 days before expected arrival or in case of no-show 100% of the total price of the accommodation

For Group bookings (2 or more rooms)

Cancellation fees of 25% of the total price of the booked accommodation and services will be paid by the customer in case of cancellation of the booking within 19 to 10 days before the group's arrival date

Cancellation fees of 50% of the total price of the ordered accommodation and services will be paid by the client in case of cancellation of the order within 9 to 5 days before the group's arrival date

Cancellation fees of 100% of the total price of the accommodation and services ordered will be paid by the client in case of cancellation of the order within 4 days or less before the arrival of the group accommodation and also in case of non-arrival of the group.

4. For the purposes of these GTC, room rate means the price for accommodation and continental breakfast, city tax, accommodation tax and VAT at the legal rate.

5. The cancellation fee will be invoiced to the client by tax document (invoice) with 1 day due date. If the cancellation fee is not duly paid, the client is obliged to pay the provider interest in addition to the amount corresponding to the cancellation fee

at the rate of 0.5% of the amount due for each day of delay, starting from the first day following the due date of the cancellation fee until the cancellation fee is paid.

Article VI.

Claims for services

1. Such a complaint must be made immediately after the discovery of the deficiencies in the services, but no later than the day following the last day on which the services in question were provided to the customer. No account shall be taken of subsequent complaints.

Article VII.

Withdrawal from the contract

1. Either party shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract under the conditions and for the reasons provided for by law or the contract.

2. The Provider shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract with immediate effect (in whole or in part) if the Client breaches the Contract in a material manner or repeatedly breaches any obligation under the Contract, or if the Client defaults on payment of any amount due more than 10 days after the due date.

Article VIII.


1. All disputes arising in connection with the provision of services by the Company, including related services of the Company, shall be governed by Czech law and shall be settled in the general court of the Provider regardless of the registered office/residence of the Customer. The priority is to resolve disputes amicably.

Article IX.

Consent to sending commercial offers

1. The Customer agrees to the sending of commercial offers by the Provider, which is carried out in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain information society services. The Customer agrees to the sending of Commercial Communications to his/her email address by submitting the enquiry form on the Provider's website. This consent can be revoked at any time.

Article X.

Force Majeure


1. If the provider is unable to fulfil the agreed terms and conditions due to force majeure, it shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without further delay, unless the parties agree otherwise. Force majeure means, in particular, damage to the hotel and its facilities as a result of natural disasters; in the event of force majeure, the client is not entitled to claim any penalties or equivalent claims against the provider.

Article XI.

Other arrangements

1. The Parties acknowledge that the liability of the Provider, the Client and the Client's clients shall be governed by the rules pursuant to Sections 2894 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code. Damages shall be compensated in money, unless the parties agree otherwise. In the event that the damage is caused by the Client's clients and the clients fail to pay the claimed damage, the Client undertakes to pay the damage as if it had been caused by the Client.

2.  The Provider is entitled to require a guarantee in the form of a pre-authorised credit card or a cash deposit upon arrival of the clients. The company undertakes to return this deposit, or part thereof, to the clients upon departure of the clients and after settlement of any claims under this paragraph.

If the Company finds that the Client's or his/her Clients' actions constitute a gross violation of the Hotel's accommodation regulations, the Company shall have the right, after discussing the matter with the Client, to terminate the Client's or his/her Clients' accommodation without compensation or without limiting the right to charge for the accommodation.

4. The Customer expressly agrees that the Provider is entitled to process and store all information and data provided by the Customer for the purpose of processing the order in accordance with the relevant generally applicable legislation, in particular Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data and amendments to certain acts.

5. The guest acknowledges that the safe deposit box located in the room or the safe at the reception (valuables in the maximum value of 20000CZK.) is used for storing valuables (valuables in the maximum value of 20000CZK.). The hotel is not responsible for loss or damage to valuables left loose in the room and in the hotel outside the safe.

6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hotel, except in designated areas. In case of violation of this ban, the provider has the right to charge guests €200 for fire safety hazards and deep cleaning of the premises.

7. Personal belongings left by the guest at the hotel will be sent to the guest by Czech Post on delivery at the guest's expense.

8. All amounts will be made in CZK. The exchange rate to foreign currencies is governed by the CNB daily rate. In case of payment by each card, the exchange rate may vary depending on the rate used by the bank that issued the payment card.

9. The hotel (operator) is entitled to use the blocked funds to pay all outstanding amounts incurred during the stay and after the departure of the guest (e.g. drinks from the minibar, consumption in the restaurant, café, violation of the smoking ban, or other similar cases).

10.  Personal belongings left by the guest in the hostel will be sent to the guest by Czech Post at the guest's expense (cash on delivery)

11. All amounts will be made in CZK. The exchange rate to foreign currencies is governed by the CNB daily rate. In the case of payment by each card, the exchange rate may vary depending on the rate used by the bank that issued the payment card.

12. If the guest pays in cash, he/she is obliged to pay a guarantee of 100% of the accommodation upon check-in.

Article XII.

Final Provisions

1. The GTC come into force and effect on 1.2.2018.


(to the accommodation contract)

1. Accommodation of guests in the hotel REZIDENCE ZÁMEČEK (hereinafter referred to as the hotel) is based on an accommodation contract concluded pursuant to the provisions of § 2326 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, on the basis of which the hotel provides temporary accommodation to the guest for an agreed period of time and the guest (hereinafter also referred to as the "guest") undertakes to pay the accommodation provider for accommodation and services related thereto within the time limit specified in these accommodation rules or the accommodation contract.

2. The accommodation contract shall always be concluded in writing. At least a written or e-mail confirmation of the booking order or completion of the registration card is sufficient to comply with the form requirement.

3.  The rights and obligations of the contracting parties not expressly covered by the accommodation contract are governed by these accommodation rules and the hotel's price list. If the accommodation contract stipulates something different from these Accommodation Rules and/or the accommodation provider's price list, the accommodation contract shall apply.

4. The Hotel guarantees all guests the provision of quality accommodation services corresponding to the given category of the Hotel. The Hotel does not guarantee the availability of all other resorts, café and restaurants, these resorts have their own opening hours and may close at any time during the year.

5. Guests are required to present a valid ID card or passport upon arrival at the hotel. On presentation of this and completion of the registration form, the guest is checked in and accommodated.

6. After checking in, the guest is given the room key. The guest is obliged to prevent the loss, destruction, damage of this key, when leaving the hotel should leave the key at the reception. If the key is lost, the hotel is entitled to claim compensation for damages to cover the replacement of the door lock.

7. The number of persons in the room corresponds to the number of persons registered for accommodation. The guest agrees to notify the exact number of guests upon check-in. Guests are not allowed to transfer the accommodation to another person without the hotel's consent. Rooms are double rooms only, i.e. for two persons. Extra beds are not provided. Children are accommodated using existing double beds for a maximum of 1 child aged 0 to 5 years, for whom accommodation is free. The guest hereby grants the accommodation provider consent to the processing and storage of his/her personal data, within the scope of the data provided, for the purpose of providing accommodation and registering guests within the meaning of Act No. 565/1990 Coll., on local fees and Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic and on amendments to certain laws. The more detailed obligations of the guest and the accommodation provider regarding the keeping of the register and the housekeeping register are laid down in the above-mentioned legislation.

8. The hotel is entitled to use the guest's personal data (e.g. address, e-mail address, telephone number) for business and marketing communications about planning events, discounts, etc. In case of guest's disagreement, these communications will not be sent.

9. The hotel guest shall identify himself/herself by name and room number upon arrival at the hotel and when providing services.

10. In special cases (e.g. due to a room breakdown, late arrival, etc.) the hotel may offer a different accommodation than originally agreed, but it must not differ substantially from the confirmed order. Other accommodation means a room of a different category as well as an adequate substitute for accommodation in another accommodation facility.

11. The guest is obliged to notify the reception upon arrival at the hotel of any health problems (disability, visual or hearing impairment, etc.). This information may help to ensure medical assistance if necessary or easy evacuation of guests in case of fire or other serious emergencies.

12. Use of the hotel facilities is prohibited for persons suffering from infectious diseases.

13. If a guest wishes to extend his/her stay and his/her room is already booked for another guest, the hotel is not obliged to automatically extend his/her stay. If another room is available, the hotel may offer it to the guest.

14. The hotel must inform the guest of this fact before providing the service.

15. Guests can store their valuables in the safe at the hotel reception. The hotel accepts no responsibility for valuable items that the guest has not deposited in the safe at the reception.

16. The room is equipped with all amenities according to the hotel category. Guests are kindly requested not to move equipment and furniture in the room and not to make any substantial changes in the room. Damage caused by tampering may be charged to the guest by the hotel.

17. For safety reasons, guests may only use electrical appliances in the room for their personal hygiene (e.g. shaver, toothbrush, etc.).  appliances used for personal use, e.g. laptops, camera chargers, mobile phones, etc. It is forbidden to use kettles, various water heaters, irons, etc., except for those equipped in the room or loaned to the guest. It is forbidden to tamper with the electrical system.

18. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to leave children under 12 years of age without adult supervision in the room or on the premises. Any damage caused by children in or around the hotel is the full responsibility of their parents or chaperones.

19. Dogs and other animals may be accommodated only with the hotel's consent and provided that the guest proves their safe health condition with a certificate. The guest is fully responsible for the behaviour of his/her animal in the hotel and is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by the animal in the hotel. The price for the placement of the animal will be charged according to the current price list of the hotel. In case of noise or damage, the hotel reserves the right to terminate the reservation immediately and without refund. The termination of the reservation in no way affects the need to pay for nights already spent. Agreement to the above is in no way claimable by the guest, it is up to the hotel operator.

20. The guest is liable for damages caused by the guest to the property of the hotel in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the Civil Code 89/2012 Coll.

21. The guest has the right to connect their electronic devices via cable or Wi-Fi to the hotel network in the rooms and common areas of the hotel. The guest may not use the hotel connection for illegal activities and may not attack or otherwise alter the security measures of the hotel network. The hotel's network is protected by its own firewall and isolated by a virtual network (VLAN); however, the hotel assumes no liability in the event of damage to the guest's computer. The hotel recommends using its own firewall for internet access.

22. Guests are kindly requested to observe it.

23. If the doors and windows are not properly closed, the hotel accepts no responsibility for the safety of the guest's personal belongings left in the room.

24. Upon departure from the hotel, the guest is obliged to hand over the room keys to the hotel reception.

25. The guest may receive visitors in the room only with the knowledge of the receptionist. Each visit must be entered in the guest book.

26. Breakfast is served to hotel guests in the hotel restaurant from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

27. On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to vacate the room no later than 11.00 a.m. Late check-out is allowed by the receptionist; it must be requested at least one day in advance. There is a charge for this service.

28. For the accommodation and services provided, the guest is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the pre-agreed price or the hotel's current price list. Price lists for accommodation and individual services are available at the reception.

29. Other services consumed (telephone, parking, etc.) shall be paid immediately by the guest; however, no later than at check-out.

30. For stays longer than 7 days, the hotel will invoice for a period of 7 days. Bills are payable on presentation unless otherwise agreed.

31. The hotel reserves the right to charge cancellation fees equal to the full amount of the stay or according to the applicable cancellation policy to cover any damages incurred by the hotel by premature termination of the guest's stay. The cancellation policy applies not only to accommodation services but to all services booked.

32.  For security reasons, the common areas of the hotel may be monitored by a camera. In accordance with the decision of the Office for Personal Data Protection, camera footage is kept for a maximum of 3 days.

33. It is possible to park the vehicle in designated places for a fee, the price for parking is indicated in the price list available at the reception. By providing a parking space, the hotel assumes no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle.

34. The guest is obliged to get acquainted with the accommodation rules and observe them, to use the hotel premises properly, to keep clean and tidy, to protect the equipment and facilities from damage; to report any damage caused without delay, to behave in such a way as not to disturb other persons with excessive noise between 10 pm and 7 am.

35. The guest is obliged to observe all provisions of the "Accommodation Regulations", safety and fire regulations of the hotel. In the event that the guest violates them or, despite a warning, grossly violates good manners or otherwise violates his/her obligations or exceeds his/her rights, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the accommodation contract with the guest before the expiry of the agreed period. The guest is obliged to pay any damages caused in full.

36.The guest may not, without the consent of the hotel:

make substantial changes to the accommodation premises (moving furniture, etc. ), remove any equipment and furnishings from the accommodation premises and remove food and meals from the breakfast restaurant, smoke in the hotel building; (this does not apply in the case of areas reserved for smoking and visibly marked with the appropriate symbol) and use open flames, carry weapons, ammunition and explosives or otherwise store them in a condition allowing their immediate use, possess, manufacture or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless they are medicines prescribed by a doctor.

37. The Hotel, as the Seller, in accordance with Section 14 of Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on Consumer Protection, informs the Consumer about the possibility of resolving disputes arising from contracts concluded with the Seller through the out-of-court consumer dispute resolution entity, which is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (, with its registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, Prague 2, Postal Code 120 00.

38.   Complaints and suggestions for improvement of the hotel's operations are accepted by the hotel management.

These "Accommodation Rules" come into force on 1 February 2018.


We are very pleased that you have chosen our hotel and we believe that you will have a pleasant stay.



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